Friday, June 8, 2012

I've always wanted to (blank) !

What do you dream of for yourself?
For us it's simple: Bring Joy and Love into the world through authentic living & MUSIC!  Whether it's playing in a magnificent concert hall where musical greats have performed or in a living room where the kids celebrated a birthday party last week, we are truly grateful to be living this dream.
No dream is static.  And no dream is fulfilled in a vacuum.  We witness time and time again the generosity of people.  Houses, cars, money, food, laughter, babysitting, instruments...we believe there is nothing that people won't give from a generous heart.
Many have asked, "how have you done it?  Nine months on the road with two children under five?"  Simple.  All of YOU!  Our friends, family and co-experiencers.
We've been told by hundreds that we are loved and supported and to just ask if we need anything.  So, we recently jotted down some ideas before we head out again.  Things that help us to keep following our hearts' passion.
Fill in the blank for yourself today.  I've always wanted to ________ !  And see how quickly life acts to support you in bringing joy and love into the world.  Thanks! email: 
Travel: By Minivan - Oil Changes, Tires, Gas
            By Air - Frequent Flyer Miles, Private Jet
Kids: Activities and books   Food: We love homemade and organic, any contacts to Whole Foods...
Purchasing CDs for your friends or Hosting a House Concert

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