Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickstarter 70% Funded with 10 Days left!

Kickstarter is 70% funded with 10 days remaining!
If 10% of our mailing list simply pre-ordered our new CD we'd be fully funded!
Visit the Kickstarter page and click "Updates" to see a live video of our new song.
Kickstarter page:Kickstarter

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Kickstarter Video out!  For many months we've been working on creating a plan to bring our music to you and to introduce Anne and Pete Sibley to larger audience.  This campaign represents how we've moved from a "seat of our pants" approach to crafting our two-year plan.  A plan which will bring our music to radio, magazines, and possibly other larger exposure opportunities.
The Kickstarter offers us a chance to get folks involved before the album is completed.  This means helping support the project by either pre-ordering the CD or taking advantage of one of the other perks like a personalized song phone call.  It's a fun way for us to try to raise the remaining funds which will allow us to bring our music to a wider audience than ever before.  To bring our story to the world of how people are good!