Friday, November 9, 2012

A Cappella with The Honey Dewdrops

So last Fall we found ourselves in Charlottesville, VA getting a private tour of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.   (This was his beautiful mountaintop home where he would retreat to throughout his life.)  Our friend's, The Honey Dewdrops, helped get the tour for us.  Suddenly, we found ourselves in the dome of Monticello and the acoustics where incredible.  Being singers we couldn't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to fill the space with song!  Here's what happened.....(We hope it goes viral and we'll get invited to sing at the President's yearly Monticello address someday!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Reflections while settling down

From Jackson, Wyoming to California (via North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado and New Mexico) we had a wonderful end of summer tour and are now enjoying a relaxing West Coast Fall. Last night we played at a "pop-up" dinner and enjoyed eating some local fare and meeting some beautiful people. At the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion we had a chance to catch up and perform with the talented Red Molly ladies and Jason Norris of Bearfoot. We're excited that we'll get to connect with them again in California this January! But for now, we're off to the beach!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Step Into Your Heart

I longed to put my feet in the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this Summer and during our visit last week, I stepped in to realize someone had made a heart out of river rocks. I stepped happily into the center realizing that was my mantra for the day (and the year? and my life?). It felt good. It feels good to share our new songs, our soundtrack from this past year of wandering the country. Wandering to be found. I won't believe the thoughts that say I can't do it, I can listen to my heart that moves the music. Thanks for listening. - Anne

Here's the new video

Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrating You!

Yesterday,  Leah and I celebrated Father's Day by sitting in the Monterey sun at a local coffee shop.  It helped to remind me that there is much to be grateful for including ourselves.  A lot of my energy is used thinking and observing ways to "improve" myself.  Whether it's by remebering to call parents or friends, staying on top of my finances, eating better, getting more sleep, or whatever it might be for me at that moment, I tend to forget to be grateful for what already is and has come to pass.  So, today, I'm grateful for me!  I invite you to look in the mirror and thank yourself for being.

PS  I found this version of us singing Winter on the Great Divide on Youtube.  Xmas in June!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I've always wanted to (blank) !

What do you dream of for yourself?
For us it's simple: Bring Joy and Love into the world through authentic living & MUSIC!  Whether it's playing in a magnificent concert hall where musical greats have performed or in a living room where the kids celebrated a birthday party last week, we are truly grateful to be living this dream.
No dream is static.  And no dream is fulfilled in a vacuum.  We witness time and time again the generosity of people.  Houses, cars, money, food, laughter, babysitting, instruments...we believe there is nothing that people won't give from a generous heart.
Many have asked, "how have you done it?  Nine months on the road with two children under five?"  Simple.  All of YOU!  Our friends, family and co-experiencers.
We've been told by hundreds that we are loved and supported and to just ask if we need anything.  So, we recently jotted down some ideas before we head out again.  Things that help us to keep following our hearts' passion.
Fill in the blank for yourself today.  I've always wanted to ________ !  And see how quickly life acts to support you in bringing joy and love into the world.  Thanks! email: 
Travel: By Minivan - Oil Changes, Tires, Gas
            By Air - Frequent Flyer Miles, Private Jet
Kids: Activities and books   Food: We love homemade and organic, any contacts to Whole Foods...
Purchasing CDs for your friends or Hosting a House Concert

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You are worthy of Good!

Holding up in California for the past two months has taught us a few things.  First, don't limit how good can come into your life.  Next, expect the unexpected.  Lastly, see the first lesson!  Pete has gotten out on the beach to surf, has helped carry halibut from a spear fisherman and gone whale watching.  While, Anne keeps writing more beautiful songs, has ridden a horse and shops regularly at one of the three local farmer's markets.  Check out our evening sunset view over Monterey Bay and this amazing cake from a recent house concert!  Remember, you are worthy of good!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Paths Have Crossed

We are so grateful our paths have crossed with so many gracious souls these past few months in California. In March we finished the official statewide tour and now we've been in Monterey and Carmel working on our new songs, playing with the kids near the beach, and playing as many house concerts as we can. Loving eachother and rejuvenating and making new friends. The title of one new song is "Wandering To Be Found". Thanks for listening. (Found this poem that says "Celebrate together the dream long sweet life with")

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Open Hearts Abound!

Part of our shows recently have included a reminder to folks that we are all rooted in a human community that thrives when we are generous to each other. We have experienced it firsthand while touring around the country with our two kiddos. From homestays to guest cottages, home cooked meals to pre-gig sandwiches, surf boards to kid's costumes, we've been offered it all! Now that we've become used to seeing it, we're challenging you to be on the lookout for your opportunity to receive! Here are a few funny pics as reminders, one in Wash DC and one the Northern California coast, that it's everywhere!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Carmel to Mendocino.

We left one of the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean (the picture here is from our bedroom) yesterday and drove part of Highway 1 in California. Along the way we met a gentleman who'd been a logger, was now helping to run a family general store and showed us an old banjo in the "dance hall" above the shop. Then we watched sea lions with a couple from Toronto. We finally arrived to our host family for the weekend, in the San Francisco Bay area, who had hot chicken pot pie for us. Two days before Pete "surfed" (more like swam with a surf board) at Carmel Beach, pictured here behind Anne.
Our motto for life is slowly becoming, " How did we get here?"