Monday, April 27, 2015

3 steps to begin the most important conversation you could ever have.

Pete here writing again....
Start Your Divine Conversation (I use the word Divine, but you should use whatever word works best for you!)
Learn to Access your inner wisdom and power
Integrate deep meaning with every day life for Inspired Living

1- Experience your deepest connection with Life – begin your conversation with the divine!
So much of our lives can be put on automatic.  So many days are filled with simply moving from one obligation to another.  Who among us has not asked the question along the lines, “Is this really what my life is about?  Is there more to me and this Life experience?  How can I live a deep and meaningful Life consistently?” 
The answer is a resounding “YES!” there IS so much more than meets the senses, but how do we experience it if it feels outside of our everyday life?
Enter, Your Deep Conversation with the Divine!

2 – Say YES to accessing your inner wisdom, connecting with your spirit and purpose and expressing your heart’s desires in the world. 
A conversation with the divine is simply connecting with who we truly are in our essence.   This is about seeking true security, enthusiasm of deep connection and experiencing the beauty of clear acceptance.  It’s a conversation that happens not only in the mind, but more importantly, in the heart.  It maybe more appropriate to say it happens through us. 

At this point you might be saying, that’s nice but, how will this affect those around me?  I can’t drop into this conversation because it might have negative repercussions in my life.  But actually it’s on the contrary, by having this conversation you become MORE available for those around you, you carry a quality if deep connection that is beneficial to all you interact with.  In fact, I believe this is the greatest step to world peace one can take, but that’s a later conversation we can have ;-)

Also this sounds like some lofty goal to achieve, speaking with the divine.  No matter what your background with spirituality or religion might be, it’s actually a conversation that’s so close, it can begin at any moment.   The divine does speak through you already, it breaths you, beats your heart, it is the intelligence the governs all of the visible and invisible world around us. It is your thoughts, your desires and your dreams.

My conversation began years ago with a small crack in my life story saying, “There’s got to be something behind all of this (life).  I want to connect with that, nothing else seems as important.”  I later read that Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “I want to know God’s thoughts: the rest are details.”   And so I have lived my life seeking to listen to that voice, that conversation.  When I’m tune with it, life seems to be filled with magic!  And,  When I’m NOT in tune with it, when I close it off for some reason (usually Fear based, more about that later) life seems chaotic, scary, unhealthy   and out of control.

Yet deep inner wisdom of the ages has found a way to speak to these seemingly frightening conditions, such as in the Zen proverbs which state so beautifully, “The obstacle IS the path” and “The snow falls, each flake in it’s appropriate place.” 

3 – Let your deep conversation be your guide to peace, security and happiness!
Now, I have the privilege to be in conversations with many special people, in many stages on their walk of Life’s journey.  Most commonly when talking about this deep conversation with the divine I’m asked, “Where’s a good place to start?  What’s a good beginning conversation?”  That’s why I’ve developed this pilot program, to make it easier for you to begin and sustain the conversation wherever you find yourself in Life’s journey.

Once you’ve begun the conversation, learn how you can then infuse and implement the inner wisdom, compassion, creativity and divine guidance in your everyday living.  

I'm ready to lead this new online course (get the details below)  I'm ready to support.  To inspire.  Are you coming?

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