Friday, April 24, 2015

Deepening the conversation - a Podcast, a video, a new pilot program!

Hi all, Pete here once again....
I’ve always had a desire to go to the deep stuff in life’s conversations.  Asking the big questions, “Why am here?”  “Who am I?”  “What is my life for, what is the purpose of it all?”  Rather than shy away from these questions, many people are intrigued and even are excited when someone else is asking the same questions.  Yet, for most of us, we then go back to a daily life nearly void of the wisdom gained by asking such questions.  Well, isn’t it possible to embody both realms of experience?  Living a life that encompasses all the day-today details while simultaneously remaining connected to the deeper truths of Life itself? 


These are not some lofty ideals available only to the spiritual devotees of yesteryears, but real-time, authentic, and easily applicable life wisdom queries ready for us to access NOW!  These seemingly lofty queries are the most natural and accessible of all human queries.  It’s not amazing learn of their usefulness, what’s amazing is that they’ve been all but removed from our modern culture or ostracized and therefore forgotten by us to be the most vital questions we may ever ask in our lifetime.

Here's some new information about how you can join me  in the brand new offering I've created to safely and in a nurturing way begin your own deep conversation.

Become part of the Pilot program to co-create this new course, watch here:
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And listen to:

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