Friday, September 12, 2014

Embracing Vulnerabilty

Hi All, Pete here....We talk about it ALL THE TIME in our house.  The fact that life isn't meant to be lived carefully but rather with a willingness to go over the top in the name of Love and following your heart's passion.  Recently, I caught an interview with, Paulo Coelho,  the author of The Alchemist, who said, and I'm paraphrasing, "In the end the meaning for our entire lives comes down to one question, did you LOVE enough?"
For me, being vulnerable falls in the category of attempting to "love enough".  How?  Well, when I'm vulnerable I'm more attune to the immediate moment, I'm more present.  When I'm vulnerable I'm willing to ask others for help.  When I'm vulnerable I'm more authentically the person I want to be in the world rather than trying to be a certain type of person.  When I'm vulnerable my heart pushes the blood through my body unlike any other adrenaline rush I know.  When I'm vulnerable, I shatter my own limited expectations of what I can and can't do.  It's the times that I've been vulnerable that I look to as my own inspiration.  And recently, Life is giving me PLENTY of chances to test my willingness!!
In the end, "Loving enough" does not necessarily mean love directed at another person, but rather, love brought into the world through me.  Vulnerability allows me the opportunity to drop what I know about love and lets me BE an expression of love.
Here's a video of me assuming the "vulnerable pose"  Here is the first time I've ever played piano and sung at the piano live in a public concert, hope you enjoy.

PS This song will be featured on our upcoming CD!

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