Sunday, January 19, 2014

Traveling with Friends

As Anne warms up, the wonderful trio, Red Molly, gets prepared for the show in Portland, OR.  Once again we received such great kindness and support while opening on the road for Red Molly in Oregon and Washington. 
We took the kids with us and a rental minivan that had a DVD player.  (Yes, it was used several times during the trip.)  Overall, we traveled nearly 2000 miles.  Thanks to Red Molly for the opportunity to perform for their great audiences!  Thanks to all our friends, old and new, who took us in, fed us and cared for our kids. 
It was fun to see snow again in the Cascades after almost two full winters of no snow in California.  We did stop to make a snowman and throw a few snowballs!
Our view from the hotel in Eugene met us with this great message written for all to see:  Peace on Earth.

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