Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"I would gladly give away my things.."

Oh joy to the world! This beautiful Ocean, the view of Monterey Bay from our California home is a daily blessing. I can sit on the sofa with the guitar and the writing pad, gaze on the blue waters, hear the crashing waves and this is bliss.  I'm bursting to share these new songs with you and the quiet voice of patience reminds me the time will come. The more I release my grip on the thoughts of how exactly things should unfold the more I am in amazement that reality is more exciting than my plan ("remind me things always get better,
better than I can picture them in my mind"). Pete and I agree that we have come to a crossroads recently, and continuously choosing the path to our heart has brought us back into the flow of life, rapids and all!! We have new music for you, first it has been healing for us and now the bonus is to share it with you. "Here with you, I'm in harmony, and there's no better place, no brighter point of view". Let me live from my heart, I'll keep trying. (Photo by Pete, Sunset on Monterey Bay)

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