Monday, May 24, 2010

Colorado - The Front Range

Snow on our way to Laramie, rain into Lyons and spring sunshine in Denver. The first weekend of our Colorado (Wyoming) tour kept us in the moment. Each show carried it's own special touch: with homebrew and wings, rain on the roof and standing room only. Thank you for the group hugs and supporting the dream! Anne, Brian Eyster and Martha Scanlan hang out at Planet Bluegrass' Wildflower Pavillion.

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  1. Hi Anne and Pete,
    We saw you in Buffalo last year--loved it :) We just put up a website for "the Laramie Potluck gang"...and part of it includes "Events". We'd all in Laramie (and Sybille Canyon, where we are) love to know where you'll be playing this please feel free to add any/all of your gigs on the Events Page!
    It's really easy...and the announcement will go away like magic at midnite of the day you type in as the "event date" so it's always current.
    We just put it up today, and glad to see some musicians putting their stuff up there!

    See you buffalo again this year...we'll be there, and I'm pretty sure you will too :)

    The site is at

    Happy Summer!
    laora tercosi