Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Beautiful NorthWest

Just returned home from a sweet homecoming at the Bluewaters Bluegrass Festival. This is a well kept secret outside of the NorthWest! Folks listened in this grove of trees like they were in an outdoor cathedral. We discovered the beautiful spots in Spokane along the riverfront and Leah loved the 100-year-old Carousel. We loved the Huckleberries Natural Food Store and all the home cooked meals. Last stop was beautiful Coeur D'Alene in the Idaho Panhandle and we had the most loving Grandma to take care of our daughter while we played for 250 people in the community church. What continues to bring joy to us at these events are the hosts - they are kind, hardworking people who love music so much. There is also all the fans in attendance, they seem grateful and excited to listen. Summer is so abundant!

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